My Crystal Range allows you to select a Crystal of your choice which is inside one of my hand poured Soy wax melts

You can choose from 
Pink Agate 
Milk white Quartz 
Rose Quartz 
Or Amethyst

All contain healing and emotional properties to ensure you select what suits your life 

My most popular scents to choose from are 
Passion fruit martini 
Zoflo cranberry & orange 
Le vie est belle 
Zoflo Mountain air 
Spring Awakening 
Candy floss 
Bubble gum 
Bora Bora 

Please ensure you email me within 24hrs of placing your order which Scent you would like your melt to come in. If I do not receive an email from you I shall make your Melt in one of my best selling  scents.
Also you can choose to add a colour to the wax melt but please ensure you let me know or your melt will arrive to you white like my naked melts.

šŸ’œ When removing the Crystal please remember to remove from cooled wax to not burn yourself. Wax is very hot when melted so simply wait until the scent has burnt off and cool the wax before breaking the Crystal away from the wax šŸ’œšŸ’œ

Crystal Wax Melt