Wax melt starter pack
These super handsome burners are a must in any home.
The elegant colours and smooth finish makes them an eye catching addition for your home. Perfect as a gift too!
Select from a choice of:
	Black Grey
	Cool grey
	Off whit
	Pearl pink
	Metallic silver

In your set you will receive a burner, x3 packs of home made Laura Lou was melts and tea lights perfect for a gift or as an additional burner in your home.
Please select from the following scents and ensure you use the form on this page when ordering your chosen scents.
	Very Berry
	Zoflora inspired random pack 
	Purple rain
	Snow angel
	Bora Bora
	Baby powder
	Passion fruit martin
	Laundry inspired random pack 
     Female inspired random pack 

If you don’t specify which scents you’d like I’ll include three packs of my best selling fragrances. 

Hand made by myself in Cornwall using 100% Eco Soy wax I pride myself on only using the highest quality ingredients to produce a long lasting scent. Eco soy wax is made from 100% soy bean oil and contains no paraffin.
Simply use one or two stars in your dry wax burner (depending on the strength you like) and use a unscented tea light. Once the melt is lit the scent will be released into the room.

Wax melt starter pack

  • 1 – 2 weeks

    I aim to have a quick turnaround of the wax melts, however soy wax requires time to cure before burning so on occasion there may be a delay (with bulk orders) but I will always aim to have it posted within a week of ordering. 

    Likewise with personalised items, please allow for 1 – 2 weeks for delivery, but I will do my best to post you out your order sooner.